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Painting with Marbles

This very easy, very simple project makes me sooo happy! I love that its simple enough for my 2 year old to to, I love hearing the clinking of the marbles, I love the beautiful final art piece it makes!


It also has a 1 min prep, just gather your materials and you're go to go.


* Marbles - I used probably 10-15 in the pan but you can use less. They were different sizes.

* Paint - Washable tempura is preferred, I used Colorations Simply Washable HERE)

* A pan - This could be a baking pan or a cardboard shallow box, nothing too deep or too shallow. 

* Paper - Card stock or a thicker paper like cardboard works best. I taped my paper down so it held still.

How to:

1. Choose the paint colors your want to use


2. Tape your paper down

3. Add paint 

4. Get your marbles moving by tilting the pan up and down and side to side

5. Watch the beautiful colors move and mix into each other

6. Set artwork aside to dry. REPEAT!

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