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Toddler Gift Guide 2017 1-3 yrs

Tried and tested toys & books toddlers really love that will let their imagination WANDER!

This was completely self-curated...I was not compensated in any way for the below information, enjoy!

Mondo Bloxx HERE $49.95 on Amazon

These cardboard blocks look like pieces of repurposed wood. From building the tallest skyscrapers and knocking them over, to making a domino line through the house and watching them tumble, Mondo Bloxx offer hours of imaginative play! There are A LOT of pieces... you may want to start off with half and go from there.

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night book HERE $11.48 on Amazon

I first came across this couple's GENIUS idea on Pinterest, then recently noticed they actually made it into a book. Every night in the month of November while their kids were asleep, these parents took their kids' dinosaurs and staged them in mischievous scenes for their kids to find the next morning. Then, made a book about it. I cannot wait to do this with my son!

Animal Faces - Animal Masks Book HERE $11.86 on Amazon

15 Beautiful & unique punch out masks to play dress up with.

Mini Micro Scooter HERE $89.99 on Amazon

My son absolutely LOVES this scooter. We take it everywhere and he picked it up very quickly around 19 months old. Its on 3 wheels so it's easier to ride & balance & comes in so many great colors!

Spanish Flash Cards HERE $12.95

French Flash Cards HERE $12.95

both on Amazon

They always say, learning a new language is easier when you're very young... You can learn about nature, vehicles, market, animals, clothing, colors and home in Spanish or French.

Terra Prehistoric World Dinosaur Set HERE

$15.99 at Target

Terra Marine World Animals Set HERE

$15.99 at Target

Endless hours of imagination fun with these hand painted figures with accessories to set a scene. There are A LOT of pieces in this set (60pc total) I split them up, some in the car, some in my bag for playtime at restaurants, and the rest stay at home.

Great Toddler Art Supplies:

Ooly, Chunkies Paint Sticks HERE $11.95 on Amazon

Butterflies of the World Sticker Book HERE $7.99 on Burro

In the Age of the Dinosaurs Sticker Book HERE $7.95 on Amazon

Magicdo Oil Pastels HERE $12.98 on Amazon

Honey Sticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons HERE $19.99 on Amazon

Ooly, Lil Poster Pods HERE $13.89 on Amazon



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