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Slinky Painting

This activity brings back such great memories! My sisters and I loved playing with slinkies as kids. I was so excited to introduce them to my son! Painting with slinkies brings 2 of my favorite things together! 


*Slinky - I used a metal slinky, but plastic is also totally fine. 

*Paint - Washable tempura is preferred, I used Colorations Simply Washable HERE

*Paper - I used simple butcher paper, anything you have would work  

How to:

1. Collect the paint colors you want to use

2. Use a paper plate to squirt some paint onto. Don't worry if the colors melt together.


3. Tape your paper down so it doesn't move around. Its' sometimes easier to tape the paper to the ground so that kids have an easier time using the full extent of the slinky.


4. Use your slinky like a stamp in the paint and let it slink & bounce on the paper, re-stamp in the paint as needed 

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