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You're outdoors playing with paint and water, what could be better? Inviting toddlers to use spray bottles like this also helps with their dexterity and hand eye coordination. Young toddlers may not have the strength to squeeze the bottle enough to get it to spray...but keep practicing and it will happen! My son started off spraying himself in the face for several months before he was able to use the bottle to spray the paper!!


*Spray Bottles

*Watered Down Tempura Paint 

*Paper - Butcher paper, but any paper could work here. 

HOw to:

1. Water down the paint. I don't have a special ratio, I just added some paint and watered it down until I liked the consistency. More water - lighter the color 


2. Spray on paper!

3. If you play with the spray bottle nozzle you can change the way the spray some out, scattered paint spray versus sharp direct spray. 

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